Avoid falling foul of copyright laws online

Setting up your own online business can be tricky, there is a minefield of rules and regulations to follow, none the least of which include copyright laws. If you inadvertently use a piece of writing or music that is someone else’s intellectual property, you run the risk of huge fines and possibly having your website, and therefore your business, shut down.

How can I avoid violating copyright?

If you are filling your site with informative articles, you may find yourself having to use someone else’s web page as a source of information. This is fine to do but you are not able to copy it down word for word, this goes for information taken from textbooks or other media sources too. If you do this, it is considered to be plagiarism and a violation of that person’s intellectual property. If you use the basic facts you have found and rewrite it in your own words, this is acceptable, but if it is a quote you need to use and it has to be word for word, as stated, it is extremely important to cite your source. This shows that you acknowledge that the words are not your own but are attributed to someone else.

There are several websites available online that are designed to help you avoid plagiarism in your work, so if you do not want to fall foul of Internet codes of conduct, rules and regulations then you may need to use the services of one of these sites. You can copy and paste your written article into the site, or attach a link if it is a webpage that is already live. The plagiarism site will search all online text and will highlight any parts of your site or article that compare exactly to another page. This gives you the opportunity to amend your work prior to uploading it to make it 100% plagiarism free.

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