Internet Business Licensing

If you are experienced at running a business, you have already realised that there are certain licenses needed to operate your company. When you work online, those same rules and regulations apply. The type of business you are operating will depend on what sort of licencing you need, and it is important to adhere to the Internet’s code of conduct, rules and regulations to ensure your business runs legally.

How to stay legal when operating online

Every country has its own laws about what is acceptable for an online business, and if you are in the U.S., you need to know that laws differ from state to state. What might be acceptable to send through the post in the UK, may not be acceptable to be sent or received in another European country, and in the US, you can find yourself in trouble with the Federal Government if you send illegal items across state lines.

The Internet code of conduct, rules and regulations are there to ensure online businesses meet certain criteria and they must be followed even if your business is only partly operated online. Licencing is one of those rules. It would be easy to think that just because you own a TV licence and are selling TVs online, you are covered, but you are not. If you are unsure, visit, to learn more about TV licensing.

If you trade in products such as pharmaceuticals or firearms then you need to be aware of the legal requirements regarding trading online. You will definitely need special licences to trade in these fields. Other online business that are strictly licensed and regulated are gambling sites. As gambling is illegal in so many places, the company that owns the site will need to be registered in a country where it is legal. Gibraltar is a popular country for company registration for this very reason.

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