Net Neutrality and Your Broadband Provider

Net neutrality is the wonderful thing that allows you free access to a wide range of websites, information and images. Without it, the Internet would no longer exist as we know it. If the FCC gets their way and successfully challenges the 2015 win for net neutrality, this can have a knock-on effect worldwide, and your broadband providers will be affected.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is hoping to deregulate the Internet as they claim that broadband should not be classified as telecommunications. Instead, they are saying that broadband is just an information service as it uses a search engine based platform and information service isn’t regulated as tightly as telecommunications. While this might be nonsensical to us, the FCC has successfully managed to get their voice heard, and the end of net neutrality could be a reality.

What does this mean for my Broadband provider?

Your broadband provider currently offers you an open Internet, you can log on at any time you like, stay logged on all day, share photos and posts on Facebook that potentially can be seen throughout the world and you are free to look at whatever sites you like for as long as you wish to. If net neutrality were to end, your Internet service provider, while still adhering to the Internet code of conduct, will have the right to restrict your access to certain sites. It will be completely legal.

This means they can censor pages that have different political or religious views or they can decide that something isn’t suitable and block access to the page. They could charge a premium for certain sites, even though you have already paid your ISP for the broadband service. This can work in a similar way to paying for a satellite or cable TV package, they have to pay extra for certain sports channels, movies or pay per view events.

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