What are Internet Codes of Conduct?

Anyone using the Internet, whether be it at home for leisure or for business purposes, have a set of rules and regulations to adhere that he adheres to. Some legal requirements laid out to ensure the safety of other Internet users who may be using your website and some may be laid out by the business who needs to control employee’s Internet usage.

So what are these rules?

Company rules can vary, from limiting the sort of websites you can access to how long you stay online, or at what times of day (ie, breaks and lunch) you are able to freely use the Internet. Some companies do not allow the Internet to be used at all, it all depends on the type of business they are running. The terms and conditions of Internet usage are usually laid out in the contract of employment.

Online businesses have to follow rules such as:

  • Ensuring parental controls where appropriate
  • Ensuring web page security for sites holding customers’ personal information
  • Ensuring trademarks and copyrights are not being infringed upon

Why should I follow the rules?

People who are planning to operate an online business, either as a part of their service or as a wholly Internet-based business, have to bear in mind their service user safety. If it is a website that is selling a product, the client will need to enter their personal banking and home information in some form on the site. This opens them up to a variety of risks if the web pages are not secure. Adhering to the rules and regulations of the Internet code of conduct is important in this instance as any hope of getting a returning customer and great feedback (and therefore the potential for a wider customer base) can be lost.

Following Internet codes of conduct, rules and regulations can ensure your customers return to you time and again.

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